With its WYSIWYG designer and familiar C# programming model, Visual WebGui is the natural choice for Visual Studio developers building cross-platform HTML5 apps.  VWG Studio is available for free and there are no runtime fees or royalties.  Visual Studio is required.
What is Visual WebGui?

Visual WebGui was developed by Gizmox and first released as a opensource project in 2007. From 2007 through 2014, VWG was built into an enterprise-class platform for .NET developers building and deploying high performance, high security, HTML5 business applications for web and mobile. In September 2014, Gizmox refocused on the emerging category of mobile experience virtualization and relaunched as Reddo Mobility. At that time, Visual WebGui was converted to a free license with continued distribution by Reddo. Visual WebGui has an active community of enterprise developers and ISVs and powers thousands of enterprise-class applications across a wide range of industries.



Rapid Development

Offers familiar drag and drop form designer with a built-in, classic MVC design pattern


Rich-data controls

Includes over 100 out-of-the-box controls for HTML5 touch, animation, and ASP.NET controls wrapping.


Point and Click Theme Designers & Templates

Incudes over 100 rich, out of the box, pre-themed iOS, Android or Live office extendable templates.


Client Side APIs

Supports choice of server or client events, user experience, and avoiding server postback.


Offline mode

Supports self-initiated off-line mode and server re- synch for managing periodic disconnects.


PhoneGap based Mobile Device Integration

Allows integration with device resources such as contacts, compass, camera and others.


Cloud Optimized

Scalable over clouds infrastructure & server grids.


High Performance

Faster than classic ASP.Net with low bandwidth consumption and a large number of concurrent users.


Secure by Design

Secured by design with zero footprint client paradigm – uses Http/XML to send and receive only UI relevant data with no business logic.


App Accessibility and User Experience

Featured for mission critical, high transactional apps & optimized HTML5 user experience.


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